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Dr. Jeremy Van Buren, MD, PhD is an experienced Phoenix eye doctor and eye surgeon specializing in complex eye surgeries including cataract surgeries as well as eyelid surgeries. Dr. Van Buren provides laser assisted cataract surgery, refractive cataract options, astigmatic correction, ORA guided cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange, pterygium surgery, after cataract yag laser surgery, blepharoplasty and chalazion treatments.

Phoenix Ophthalmologists
Dr. Jeremy Van Buren, MD, PhD, Dr. Kaci Kramer Oldroyd, OD

Dr. Van Buren also conducts eye health procedures for ailments including dry eyes, glaucoma, floaters, double vision, pink eye, eye cancers, corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions, corneal edema, diabetic retinopathy, and hypertensive retinopathy.

Dr. Kaci Kramer Oldroyd, OD is a Board Certified Optometrist, who has been practicing in Arizona, and specifically in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Peoria, since 2001.  Dr. Kramer specializes in family eye care, contact lenses (including scleral, RGP, toric and multifocal lenses), and pre- and post-operative care for cataract and refractive surgery. Dr. Kramer is also experienced in treating patients for glaucoma, macular degeneration, uveitis, red eye and urgent care. Phoenix Ophthalmologists provides eye health services including annual eye exams and optical services at Van Buren Optical.

At Phoenix Ophthalmologists, we look forward to seeing you and helping you keep your eyes healthy and vision strong for a long time to come.